Mission Statement

Bright Angels Children’s Centre Langley and Surrey are committed to providing quality child care services in a safe, healthy, developmentally appropriate, and nurturing surroundings. Our focus is to provide a stimulating early care and educational experience which promotes each child’s social/emotional, physical and cognitive development.

Our children will be valued equally and will feel a sense of security, warmth and love. Bright Angels Children’s Centre will offer intellectually based, age-appropriate programs for kids from infants to preschool age children including music, art and language.

We will provide a “home away from home” a welcoming, comforting and fun environment which will encourage children to develop at their own pace. Bright Angels Children’s Centre is committed to ensuring that each day allows for both planned and spontaneous experiences that result in a positive learning adventure for our children.


Good communication is of the utmost importance. When a new family is accepted into our centre, we like to be sure that we can share openly about any concerns or questions that may arise. It is important that there is a similar child care philosophy between the centre and the parents. We welcome questions, feedback, or discussions of any kind that are oriented towards a positive outcome for the child(ren). Sensitive issues will be discussed in private at a mutually beneficial time. We use a communication book regularly between staff members to ensure all staff are on the same page regarding any incidents that may have occurred. This allows for a consistent approach when dealing with the child.


We maintain a strict adherence to confidentiality. Files are kept locked with access only by select staff. All files are kept up-to-date with all appropriate forms required by law. We allow a short time period to have these documents brought in. If the required documents are not received after the allotted time period, the child will not be allowed to attend the centre.



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