Playing different roles at home and work at the same time is not an easy task to do! Many of us have to split up our time between work and home. Sometimes, there is an extra hour at the office, a distant journey for a week, a whole day long meeting at the office etc. All these things makes it difficulty to manage time and provide it to our family. Every child needs proper care during early days. If proper care is not provided, to the child, it affects the child growth and impacts the life cycle of a human being. Day care centers come at a rescue at this point.

What really is a day care centre?

Day care centres are simply institutions, which provides an environment with all the necessary elements for a kid’s development. This includes trained teachers, well-organised classrooms, playgrounds, stuff for playing, etc. In a nutshell, a day care centre will provide all the things those the child would get at home and more than those.

What does a day care centre offer to do?

It provides every facility for a child starting from playing to giving proper education. The first thing a children centre teaches is socialisation and friendship. By interacting with each other and being guided by the teachers, kids learn to develop a friendship with other kids and get socialised at these centres. They also learn to express their emotions while interacting with others.

How to choose a child’s day care centre?

It totally depends on individual comfort and necessity. Some may prefer to choose a facility close to work or some may choose close to home. It depends on what works best for someone. However, you may take the following things in consideration while choosing a specific facility.

*Who will take the responsibility of drop-offs and pick-ups?

* Do you have to travel a lot?

* Is the daycare near me?

* Is there a schedule for another kid?

* Do you want to be with your child in case of necessity?

* What works best for your family (Near home or work, instead of the best place)?

* Do they have skilled staff?

* What’s the quality of the food they provide?

* Do they provide enough space and time for games and physical activities?

* Make sure there is no existence of TV, as sometimes it works as the babysitter instead of the real human being.

There may be other things to consider while taking a decision which depends on specific conditions and families.

Why Bright Angels Children’s Center Langley?

After considering all the above things along with some of your own choices you will surely find Bright Angels Children’s Center Langley as the most comfortable and safest place to admit your children.

You want your kids to feel at home with the best possible care and facilities, you want your kids not to feel the absence of your presence, you want your kids to develop and grow properly, etc. That’s also our mission! At Bright Angels day care centre we offer the best possible facilities to help your children grow the way they would have at home. Some of our features include:

  1. Meals according to convenience. We do wish to encourage them to take a bite from each food to discover what they like.
  2. We maintain strict hygiene rules which include using washing hands before and after meals and toileting, using paper towels.
  3. We facilitate fire training according to provincial law.
  4. We will help in the process of toilet training once it is started at home by you.
  5. We maintain a nap or rest time for each child to ensure that they maintain a good temperament and are happy at the end of the day.
  6. The main focus of our facility is to make children sociable, interactive and creative. That’s why, we focus on engaging children on activities, both indoor and outdoor. We avoid showing TV programs unless we have a difficult day; i. e; a rainy day. On that case, we strictly scrutinise programs and do not allow more than an hour of watching.
  7. We provide enough opportunity for both indoor and outdoor play.
  8. Our discipline policy includes a mix of redirection, prevention, love, consistency and firmness.

However, taking a decision concerned with your children is tough. Therefore, we encourage you to visit our day care facility at Langley to get an essence of what we offer. You will get a clear picture of what your child is going to experience and learn in our facilities. Therefore, pay us a visit and have a real time experience!

Locations: Located in half an acre in Walnut Grove, custom built facility specially suited for child care. Very unique large play area with maple trees, bike tracks, play house, two sand boxes, built-in tunnel, picnic tables and much more.

21176, Yeoman’s Crescent
Langley, B.C.
V1M 2P7

Telephone: (604)-888-8786
Fax: (604)-888-8729


Monday to Friday: Open from 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Closed on weekends and other holidays

The Langley Child’s day care centre’s will be Closed for all statutory holidays, Easter Monday and any days that fall between December 25th and January 1st.

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